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UPDATE! Dennis and Julie

This morning I recieved a lovely email from Dr.Art
King's wife Leigh offering to help with the problems
that could happen to any of us,to Dennis and Julie
Nowak. If you haven't read please refer to archives
There have been other people wanting me to repost
their address because they have decided to help, which
sure makes me have hope for these people. However in
case help does not come in time they must prepare for
an uncertain future...and their lovely horses which
you can see at
They have a mare due to foal that should be in a new
home a month before the actual time, so if there are
any ridecampers near Marrietta SC that could give this
mare a home before she foals that would help.
Please understand that anything that you can do at
this time would help these good hard working people
and I plan to keep hammering away at the fact that
time is of the essence...March 4th and they lose their
home and we are losing a wonderful breeding farm that
is specializing in athletes.
Other people have asked me if this is for real or if
it is a scam..unfortunately it is the truth, a scam
would be easier to swallow.
The Nowaks lawyer can verify any doubts any of you may
be having that has prevented you from helping.
Brook Fowler
He would be glad to tell you why these people are in
this mess.
I am re-posting the Nowak's address in case you have
decided to help
Dennis &Julie Nowak
290 Oil Camp Rd
Marietta, SC 29611

PS Look at the website you can see the whole family

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