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RE: Rider verses Horse size

Mary Boulware

quite a bit of it's the Texas thing: 'couldn't you find a 
> > real> horse, little lady?'). 
>If you're trotting as fast as you ought to be they'll never get that 
>whole sentence out of their mouth before you're just a spot of dust on 
>the horizon. :-) 
Or you could "confess" to them that you couldn't afford three quarter horses to ride 20 miles so you bought one Arab to do the job!    Beth

Hey Tara,

My favorite dig that I always get... "You must wear out a lot of running shoes riding that guy"  I ride a 14.1 gelding and a 14.2 Mare. I am 5.9 and 170 with my tack.  The  gelding is always in the top 5 finishers on 50's last 2 years.  I started him in CTR 4 years ago and felt strange too but soon realized the size had great advantages in their athletic ability to place their feet and manuver around obstacles and maybe it makes him really want to show off as he has super drive to go.  We are long gone while the larger guys are still working their bodies around the tree or up the narrow ledges.  They are both plenty strong. There was a study at the Tevis (not sure if this year or last) that showed rider size had little or no effect on lamness as much as the condition and heaviness of the horse itself.  You'll get used to the feel and love it,   I have and this year when my Vet. made the comment to someone that my horse was truly a little guy with abig heart I felt great.   people still tease me and want to know when I'll get areal horse, its great. I like Angie and Beth's digs to get back at them!      Mary Boulware

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