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Looking for Love

Well, poo-doggy!! Just found out my mares intended "husband" died of colic a few days ago! She never even got to meet him! Their baby was going to be sooo great. Now, I am back on Stallion-Quest 2001, along with Farrier-Quest, and Vet-Quest.... honestly, in a city of this size, these things should not be so elusive,should they??
Anyone have a nice Arabian stallion in SE Texas(or shipping semen), reasonably priced, for my lovely Pinto mare? Preferably not gray, (I want the color),and I am not real picky about size, endurance babies a plus.You can see her at  .I would also consider a breeding lease on her, but she is maiden, so I know it would be a be a bit of a gamble. Thanks for listening,y'all!!

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