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How long DO Arabians keep growing?  I managed to buy back one of the two 
Arabians that I sold -- the ones I mentioned earlier where the woman was 
starving them.  Knightmare will be four in July and she's about 13.3 hands -- 
only about an inch taller than when I sold her a year and a half ago.  A 
friend thought she was 14 hands, but I really think that's optimistic.  
Knightmare's dam is 15.1 and her two full sisters are 15.2 and 15.3 
respectively.  Now that she's getting better nutrition, is she going to grow? 
 Or can I just kind of count on a pony sized Arab?

Just a quick aside however, on the fact that this horse is TOUGH!  When I 
went to pick Knightmare up, the former owner had her being trained.  The 
trainer said that she had increased Knightmare's feed dramatically.  By this, 
she meant that she was feeding Knightmare 1/4 of a 3 lb scoop of Strategy 
twice a day and two blocks of bad brome hay.  And this was a dramatic 
increase over what the horse was previously fed!  I watched the trainer 
working Knightmare before taking her and this trainer had Knightmare trotting 
on the lunge line and on the long lines for an hour!  During that entire 
hour, this rail thin mare had her head and tail up in the air and her ears 
forward.  Not once did she stop trotting except when asked to whoa, and kept 
a friendly look on her face the entire time.  Tough, nice horse.  I'm glad I 
was able to save her.


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