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Ah, so happy

I just have to share how happy my day has been.  This morning, my husband was 
discussing an entire list of things he wanted to get done today.  He asked me 
if I had anything to add to the list.  I mentioned that I had hoped I would 
be able to ride today (first time since the end of November, but I didn't 
mention that), but I understood we had a lot to get done.  On his own, Tony 
said, "No, you need to ride.  You haven't been since before Christmas."  He 
also said that I needed to ride a lot more often if we were going to be ready 
for ride season!  I actually argued that we did need to get the things on his 
list done and the house is a mess.  He went outside and caught my mare and 
put the saddle on her.  As I was getting my riding boots on, he started 
picking up the house and vacuuming!  I'm also crying, I'm so happy.  

And then, as I started to mount Special, she turned her head and looked at me 
and knickered.  She moved out eagerly.  And, one of the two dogs that used to 
attack us has disappeared, and with only one left, we were able to face it 
down and chase it back to its house.  We only went four miles because we're 
both out of shape, but at the end of the four miles, Special was still 
snorting and pawing the earth when I asked her to stop.  Ah, my love.  How 
lucky can I be to be married to one of two my best friends and to be able to 
take wonderful rides on the other?


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