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Ansur Saddles

Tracy Snow-Cormier
I don't do LD anymore but I do ride long pleasure rides(so far in the
Ansur that's been longest 3 hrs).  I have the Ansur Classic.  THE BEST
SADDLE I HAVE EVER BOUGHT!!!!!!!!  No more worries about pressure points,
heat/friction bumps, soreness, etc., etc., etc.!!!  I just wish they had
come out before I had spent over $400 in shipping saddles back and forth
and finally settling on one that at least didn't make him sore but still
got friction/heat bumps in the summer.  Well, no longer do I have ANY of
those problems!!  He travels better, I ride better, his back is changing
for the better...actually his whole "appearance" is changing for the
better.  Can you say I'm sold??  You betcha!!  (Oh, and I've had an SS, a
Sharon Saare, OF, numerous dressage saddles and western saddles not to
mention all the oodles of pads I've collected totaling the cost of another
saddle!).  Not to say that any of those are worse or better but in my
eyes, the Ansur works on a horse that I searched for four years for a
saddle so it's the LAST saddle I'm going to buy!!! BTW, I'm riding a VERY
wide backed Morgan.

Tracy & a very happy backed Morgan :-)

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