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RE: Mystery puffiness

You could have radiographs taken to see if he has chipped a bone in his
ankle. I was riding a past horse in a CTR where we had to cross RR tracks
several times. She managed to catch a front hoof on something and tripped
forward hitting the front of her ankle on the steel rail. She came up lame
on the other side. over several weeks it would appear to be gone then would
show again a little and she would have some heat right on the front of the
ankle. Radiographs taken by a vet with lots of "track" experience showed a
small, operable chip. There were actually two small ones that were removed.

Anyway, this is a possibility. I'd definitely find a good leg vet and have
them do radiographs.

bonnie Snodgrass

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From: Alison Dunn []
Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2001 2:30 PM
Subject: RC: Mystery puffiness

I"ve never run into anything like this before. Last August I took my arab 
gelding up to Kennedy Meadows for
a camping trip. We started out up a rocky trail.  He stepped into a ditch 
that 2 horses had just crossed, and
ended up on the other side dead lame, with a small cut across the front of 
the left pastern, and a scrape on the
back of the cannon below the hock.  I led him back down the trail - he used 
the foot, but didn't like it.  I
stood him in the river off and on the next 2 days til we went home.  (Home 
is a stall and paddock.)  He was
slightly lame, but by the end of  week, was perfectly sound.  I hand walked 
him everyday, and at intervals in
the next week I would ride him  out at a walk on flat ground for no more 
than an hour - in a few hours, the
fetlock and pastern would really puff  up - but no heat and no lameness. (It

looked so bad at first that I used a
standing wrap on it.  I stopped using that after a day or two.)  I finally 
gave up riding, and would just take him
on a walk twice a day for  about 5 weeks.  Once in awhile I would try a 
small ride, and get the same puffiness
in that left rear.  I finally had him ultra sounded - they found tendon and 
ligaments to be fine.  It's been 4
months now.  I can walk, trot, and canter in the arena with no puffiness in 
that foot.  I ventured out for a short
ride late last Saturday - the ground was perfect - not too hard - some 
trotting -  the next day, there was some puffiness in that fetlock and 
pastern only. Again, no lameness or heat.
What more can I do?  What really gets me, is what did he do to himself?  I 
never felt the leg catch on
anything.  It seemed so minor!   HELP!

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