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Re: Fw: Vac 'n' Blow horse vaccums?

It turns out the real grooming fanatics are the guys who show
cattle.  I got a new farm supply catalog in the mail and there
are pages of equipment for show cattle.  The most interesting
stuff (for people with long haired, sweaty horses in cold climates
that take forever to dry off, even under two polarfleece coolers)

- big, powerful, heated animal blow driers
- a wide selection of large animal clippers not
  usually seen (Lister, Andis)
- spacers to put over big Oster clipper blades so
   you can give a full body clip but leave the
   hair longer
- a wide selection of the stiff rice brushes

But my absolute favorite is the scrotal measuring tape.

This place has a web site, too:

Alas, it *REQUIRES* cookies to be enabled to use the site,
even to just browse.  Screw them.  I'll stick with the printed

Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA


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