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Re: RC: Kanavy endurance saddle

LOVE my Solstice.  And my horse changed shape after about a year, I sent it 
in and had it widened and the stuffing refreshed.  The service was great, the 
price wasn't too unreasonable, and it was ten days from sending it top 
receiving it back, with 6 of those spent in transit.  

The saddle is very comfortable for me, I previously (and still) ride in a 
Wintec dressage.  I like my stirrups fairly long, and am still able to get a 
balanced leg-under-me ride.  My horse seems to like it most of the time, but 
she has hock/back problems that are not caused by saddle fit, so I don't 
always get happy acceptance of any saddle.  jeri

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