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Fw: Stolen Horse

This is from another list, but a stolen horse is a stolen horse. Maybe someone knows of this horse's where abouts.
Thanks - Jeanne
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From: mschevy4x4
Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2001 9:59 AM
Subject: [EquineCushings] Stolen Horse

Wednesday, December 5, 2001, A.M. We just received an e-mail asking
we pass the following information along about a horse owned by Troy
Hipsag that was stolen November 24th. Please take time to copy this
pass it along. "If you don't know by now, Troy's heel horse Bones was
stolen from the USTRC roping on Sat. Nov. 24. I was hoping that you
could help us out by emailing and telling every horse person you know.
Troy and I are hoping that if we can get the word out to enough
that eventually someone will see him. Here is a detailed description:
year old red roan gelding, no white markings, black mane and tail, hot
iron brand FJ on the right hip. He stands about 15 hands, weighs 1150
pounds. Bones has a crescent shaped scar on the inside of his right
leg several inches above the knee. He was taken from the Colorado Fall
Championships USTRC roping between the hours of 2-4 p.m. on sat. Nov.
2001. At the time that he was
taken, he was tied next to another horse (who wasn't taken) at Troy's
Rope the Rockies trailer in the northeast parking lot at the events
center in Denver. We are offering a reward to anyone who has
information leading to his return. These are the people to contact:
Hipsag 970-371-7123 or 970-834-1041 Operation Livestock Theft/ Brand
Inspector 1-800-332-4155 Denver Police Department We would both
appreciate any suggestions you guys would have as far as places to put
ads in horse publications, on the internet, people to call, or anyone
is a known horse thief or just acts suspicious. So far we have ads in
super looper, dally times, roper sports news, wrangler, rocky mtn
tri state livestock news, We have also filed
with the Brand inspectors, the Denver police dept. , Wyo sheriffs
Info is supposed to be going out to all states with brand laws and
barns. If you guys can think of someplace in particular (especially in
the states w/o brand laws like kansas, oklahoma, and anywhere east of
platte river i.e. eastern S. Dakota and Nebraska) that a
person should send a flyer, do let us know. I guess I should note
that we
are fairly positive the person that took bones was someone who had
troy rope on him around colorado or wyoming, because troy hadn't even
rode him at the roping he was stolen from! I suppose that if bones
up, it would probably be at a roping or rodeo. So...we would
any suggestions you may have, or if you could just pass the word
along to
everyone you know.     

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