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Fat "old" ladies!

Okay list! There seems to be a number of us "fat" ladies. I like Garfield
think of my self as not over weight but under tall! :0) I thank Becky
Huffman for her site. On it she lists endurance as a sport "even fat old
ladies can do!" Pardon me stealing your saying Becky!
 It was her site, her FAQ'S that got me interested in this sport. If not
for her and her words of wisdom I would still be wondering what I could
do with my girl! Thank you Becky! If anyone needs some support. Here I
am! Anytime! I HAVE been there too! Together us under tall folks can
support and encourage each other! 
Merry Christmas all! 
In His Hands,
Lisa P.
North Central Florida
Riding: the art of keeping a horse between yourself and the ground.

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