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RE: Handy euphamisms for falling off your horse

Got dumped this last weekend by the Drako the 3-3/4 y.o. -
"Alternative Chiropractic Adjustment" by baby Arab spook.

My hip had been kind of out of whack and when I got dumped
I felt something give in my sacroiliac and felt better ever since!

Good list, Tracey


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From: Tracey & Mark []
Sent: Thursday, February 01, 2001 9:31 AM
Subject: RC: Handy euphamisms for falling off your horse

Handy Euphemisms for Falling Off Your Horse

*	Joining Airborne Equitation International (affectionately known

*	I'm in a transitional relationship with my saddle. 

*	Dirt for dessert. 

*	High-fiving a nightcrawler. 

*	Swan dive (water optional). 

*	Spending a little quality time with gravity. 

*	Checking your girth...from the bottom. 

*	Doing the rootin' tootin', grass-scorching, scare-the-spectators

*	A quick trip to Dirtsville. 

*	Trolling for paramedics. 

*	Just seeing if the judge was paying attention. 

*	A Richter-Scale-5 spot check of footing quality. 

*	Insufficient flapping. 

*	Studying impact craters at close range. 

*	Spontaneous retrograde. 

*	Pushing down daisies. 

*	Turf surfing. 

*	Incoming!! 

*	A short step-over four feet south of Hermes, France. 

*	Vulture baiting. 


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