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Re: RC: Re: Basic Conditioning (was: Conditioning Tips/Schedules for The F...

In a message dated 2/1/01 9:03:05 AM Mountain Standard Time, writes:

Except for areas with ambient conditions which impact evaporative cooling,
the SE - where metabolic problems are an issue.

 So, that being said, wouldn't one want to ride in those "conditions" just a
bit more focused on core temperature rather than on placement ... as to NOT
jeopardize their mount's metabolic integrity.
   Or is it just a matter of being able to ride fast, undeterred by terrain
or "other" ambient conditions, i.e., "racing" v. "riding."
    It seems to me that there are days when "racing", even if the horse is
prepared to do so, is just unwise based on all things which present at a
given endurance event...and if it is too hot/humid, adjustments (mph) are
called for.


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