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Many of you out there have viruses and don't know it. There is one that keeps coming up on ridecamp that is (Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs) and sent by HAHAHA. DO NOT OPEN IT!  This is the W95. Hybris Worm and you get it without knowing it. It can reverse your Anti Virus in your computer disabling it so you pick up multi viruses. This thing is a time bomb to crash your computer in the end. It hitch hikes on every Email you send with a separate Email. This thing is also programmed to periodically change it's name. This same virus according to Norton has about 12 different names now. After it has done it's dirty work from your computer for God only knows how long, it will put a giant pinwheel on your screen and nothing will function. It will totally block your computer from functioning! Everyone, don't make the mistake I did by not knowing that you have to up date your Norton Anti Virus or what ever type you have for your computer weekly.
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