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[Fwd: Endurance News]

I sent this message to the AERC a while back and never got a reply.  Maybe there
is someone here on Ridecamp that can answer this.  I'm not sure if the endurance
news is monthly or other.  I just got one in my new member material last
November (2000).  Any help would be appreciated.

Don Pollock wrote:
> Hello, I have not received my endurance news for January yet (1/20/2001)  I
> joined late last year (2000).  My membership card says Dec. 1st through Nov.
> 30th and 2001 on the back.  I assume that means I'm good until Nov. 30th 2001
> and I'll get a reup notice in the mail.  Is it monthly?  I can't remember as I'm
> a relatively new member.
> Thanks.
n:Pollock;Don & Linda
note:Hey DADDY, ARRGG -3 deg. Do I get a day off?
adr;quoted-printable:;;Oak Hill Farm=0D=0A1400 Birdie Road;Lawrenceburg;Kentucky;40342;
fn:Don (AERC 22287)  & Linda Pollock & JR n Bay Star

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