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20 arabs and property going at auction in

This was posted on the Carpe Diem equine rescue message board.  
I have NO additional info!

"Auction to be held on February 3, 2001 10:00 AM (Property to 
be auctioned at 1:00 PM) Name of company is J W Frye Auction 
Company 417-683-3987
Location: 26912 Poppy Drive
Stella, Missouri (Four Miles North East of the town of Stella) 
Approximately 20 horses to be auctioned. Arabians of Egyptian 
and Polish decent. Some registered mares and stallions. Most 
not registered. Some horses of unknown parentage. Older horses 
used to being handled, younger horses have never had a halter 
on. None have training or have been green broke. Four or more, 
straight black Arabian stallions. One is registered, name of 
Necromancer # 0505231, blind in one eye, has a reserve of 
$2,000. Halter broke, used to people. Black domestic mare, 
Ashanti #0344671, pregnant, unknown sire. Nice gray mare, 
daughter of Hia Sunki. Several of known parentage, may or may 
not be able to be registered. Horses have been neglected and 
starved. Have been cared for and have had food for three weeks 
now. Result of a divorce several years ago. Ex husband who has 
been living in another state, wants it known that he has not 
had knowledge of the neglect. He is not responsible for the 
treatment of these animals and is devastated by what has 
happened. He is trying to see if he can find homes for these 
horses before they go to the meat houses. If people could bid 
on them and get them some care, they could be sold or given to 
4 H or Farm group children as a contribution. Property is 118 
acres with running creek. Very out in the country. Home is in 
bad shape. Two Barns, one okay, the other needs some clean up. 
Some stallion shelters okay. Has a reserve of $250,000. (Which 
is too high). "

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