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Horse Anatomy thanks and info!

Desoto does it again! thanks Marilyn! she sent me some great little tidbits 
that is going to help me correct my seat a bit more since I can see from 
riding all different styles has messed my system up. I don't have any time 
for lessons to help me situate myself. But with Rob's careful eye maybe he 
can watch.
I also found a great website on the arabian conformation study at
or by WWW.Arabian Conformaition Study
However I am almost postive that the horses center of gravity is moved when 
a rider is aboard.
I don't see how it can't be since if it were possible to lift a horse and 
find the true center of gravity that adding a human into the picture that 
the center would be differed? hmmmmmm.....I have had one response...any 
carla (nursing flu ridden hubby to health)
Ansata (oh great...moms feeding us!)
Haley (ohh no...healthy rations!!)
Rob (imsorrythenumberyouhavereachedisnotinserviceatthistime...)
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