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Re: RC: Re: Moral Dilemma / Trainers

What I did with my young horse was start her myself.  She never bucked when I 
started her, and would do many of the things I wanted her to, but she 
definitely had a mind of her own.  I started taking Dressage lessons on her 
from my instructor, Nancy, as soon as I could consistently ride her for about 
45 minutes (the length of the lesson)  She probably had 30-45 rides on her at 
that point, and was VERY green.  Much greener than I thought she was.  The 
first few lessons were quite "Interesting".  There was the one where she RAN 
backwards across the arena because she didn't want to go by something.  The 
next time she started bucking and I went off, and miraculously did one of 
those once in a lifetime land on your feet things--still holding on to the 
reins.  Looked really impressive from the ground I guess.  Everybody stopped 
to watch.  

My mare was about 3 1/2 when this all took place, and my instructor worked us 
through all manner of spooks and just plain "YOU-can't-MAKE-me's".  I have 
continued to take lessons from the same instructor for the last 4 years off 
and on when I have time.  Nancy is really good, and she is very much 
responsible for me having a pretty well broke horse (most of the time).  Not 
every one has access to an instructor who will work with a green horse and/or 
green rider without getting that "let me get on and show you how it's done" 
attitude, which I don't really go for.  No one has ever been one my mare with 
one exception.  Nancy got on one day because she wanted to sit in my saddle.  
She rode for about 2 minutes at a walk and trot, and I had to really 
encourage her to do more than just get on and right off.  It was the first 
time I had ever seen my mare being ridden.  

There are trainers out there who will work with you and your horse, you just 
have to look.  But many people don't have the confidence it takes to get on a 
green or unbroke or spoiled horse, even with a trainer there to help.  Those 
people wouldn't be safe on such a horse, they know it and the horse probably 
knows it.  They have to send the horse to someone else.  IMO, you have to 
show up at the trainer's facility unexpected, both before and after you put 
your horse there.  You can't just leave your horse off somewhere and go back 
at the end of 30 or 60 days and hope for the best.  

Whenever someone has done something to one of my horses that I consider 
abusive or out of line, I will tell anyone who is inquiring about similar 
services.  I wouldn't want someone and their horse to go through a bad 
experience because I kept my mouth shut. I've had bad experiences with a 
farrier who drugged my horse without my permission or knowledge, a stable 
owner who treated my horses roughly, and another stable owner that didn't 
take care of the boarded horses to the standard she claimed.  I would only 
speak of things I knew of my own personal experience, not things someone told 
me.  Just my 2cents worth.   


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