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Re: RC: training schools???

Case in point , look at the whole Boggs versus IAHA lawsuit. Stories went on for years about the abuses from that guy..(remember the cattle prod and pond of water) but it wasn't until he got disciplined that he really turned mean as a snake and went to court .   Yeah, you can word things the way Maggie did in a public forum,  i.e. "That trainer? He sure knows how to use all the latest devices and he really gets that hot and spirited look out of them all the time!"   versus, "Yes, he/she will really help your horse to learn to carry itself correctly". If it was a friend and a private conversation though, I'd sure as hell tell. Save the friend hundreds of dollars and a damaged animal.  Beth

>From: Cliff Fenneman
>To: Ridecamp
>Subject: RC: training schools???
>Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 14:09:45 -0800
>I'd just decided to send my mule away to a bonified mule trainer
>all these messages started popping up. Gosh! How does one protect
>self and animule from abuse. I have seen this trainer working with
>animals and with me and talked to others that have had their mules
>training with him...checks out well so far...
>I've had my share of problems with "trainers" over the
>years...trying to
>get some help with my arab. A lot of trainers are prejudiced against
>arabs and aren't interested unless you are going to "show", mainly
>done it myself, reading and making a lot of mistakes. My arab
>forgave me
>and is a (almost) perfect gentleman at 17. But this mule is a
>story...I've already been dumped and kicked at and she is strong
>like a
>I think the value of this forum is to be able to share information
>others...when something like animal abuse comes up...that's an
>issue and it's easy for someone to get a bad rap ...but, we do have
>responsibility to take care of our animals and protect them from
>harm in
>the name of education.
>I wonder about the liabilities of defamation of character and stuff
>that when sharing this kind of information in a public forum?
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