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Back in the Land of Stan

Aren't ya'll just so damn sick of these Warlords and the mentality most of them seem to have out there in the land of Stan?  No wonder bin Laden picked that God forsaken country to hang out in.  Who else would live there?  I'm just so sick of listening to these people, even those Northern Alliance guys who go on and on about how they're going to change things for the better.  Seems like, to me, they were the ones running things so horribly in the first place that let the Taliban through the front door.  No wonder this country never left the Stone Age.  All these people do is fight and kill one another.  It's the main crux of their economy.
I say, take care of the Taliban, eliminate Al-Qaeda, and get the heck out of there.  This land is beyond any hope of developing into some place where any rationale person would want to live.  I think I'd pick living in North Korea ahead of Afghanistan.  It's the Warlords and their mentality that make the place so miserable.  And I don't see them changing this way of life anytime soon.  No wonder heroin is the number one crash crop there.  You'd have to be on drugs to make it through an Afghan day.  Our soldiers need to escort all the women out of the country on their way out, so we can stop these folks from breeding.
And then these jerks have the nerve to tell us that the British need to leave that one airbase cause they don't want any more foreigners in their country.  I think one of our Generals need to remind them that if they don't shut the heck up and quit rocking the boat, that B-52 pilot just might not hit the exact target he was aiming for.  Keep talking poorly about our best friends, the Brits, and ya'll might not get that special treatment that you think you deserve from US.  I'm not quite sure if any of ya deserve anything special.  In fact, you might just be a continuation of the same problem that seems to perpetuate itself in your God forsaken country.  If Allah calls this place home, I'm sticking with the fat guy next door, the Buddha.
ON the home front, is it me, or is there something not quite right with John Ashcroft?  What the heck is he doing sending the Feds to Oregon to stop terminally ill people from medical assisted suicide, which was passed by the voters of that state?  Has he lost his mind?  I mean, I am able to tolerate the National Guard at my itsy bitsy airport here in Daytona Beach, where we have more troops than passengers, but isn't pointing M-16's at folks who are planning on dying real soon anyway a bit much to swallow?  And don't we have better things to worry about right now?  John, get a grip, and if you can't find anything better to do, please just sit down over there in the Right Wing fanatical corner, and read your Bible. 
Americans who fly have to be the bravest people on the planet.  After seeing that last jet go down, with the tail ripping apart from the aircraft, I can't see getting on any aircraft anytime soon. And I was afraid to fly before 9/11.  I mean it's bad enough you have to worry about what whacko is sitting in First Class wanting to visit the cockpit, or the pilot pushing his red panic button alerting the military to recon an F-16 to fly by and decide if he needs to shoot you down or not.  And now they're telling us those Airport Security People were the employees that MacDonald's and Burger King wouldn't hire.  GEEEZZZZ,  I'm calling AMTRAK for my next vacation.
With all that is going on in the world, endurance riding has never seemed safer.  Even if my horse does throw me, at least I'll be in one piece when I hit the ground.  Things will probably never be the same, like they used to be, but my horse doesn't seem to know about what happened on 9/11, and I don't have the heart to tell him.  Some things are just better left unsaid.  Can you believe our kids have to deal with all this?  If they make it through it all, they just might end up being the toughest generation ever.  Do you ever wonder, like I do, if this stuff is real?  This can't be really happening; it must be some kind of long term Tim Burton directed nightmare.  I can't wait to read the next Tom Clancy novel.  How on earth can he top this? 
Howard (every time I try and write a horse story, I end up with this Stan crap.  Sorry)


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