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Scar Tissue on Hoof

Karen Standefer
The scar tissue is more likely from damage done to the corium during the
surgery.  The material that you're seeing now is probably from damage done
several months ago as it takes several months for it to grow down to the
surface.  I would just keep it trimmed properly and see if it doesn't go
away in a few months.   If there is damage in the corium, there isn't a
product that will prevent the scar tissue.   Soaking daily in water mixed
with apple cider vineger will keep the PH balanced and at healthy levels
for healing.

Referenced Post:

My mare had surgery done on the bottom of her hoof in approximately the
middle of her frog in mid-August.  Although the site seems to be healing
very well, there is a LARGE amount of scar tissue that has developed.
I've had my farrier out at my vets recommendation to cut it off twice now.
It always seems to grow back in 3 - 5 days.  Does anyone have any
recommendations as to a product that can be applied to an open wound to
help prevent scar tissue?

Thank you.

Crysta & Sugar

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