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Re: "Your ON, Howard!" (Cavalry action)

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From: Truman Prevatt
Sent: Saturday, November 17, 2001 7:12 PM
To:; RideCamp
Subject: RC: "Your ON, Howard!" (Cavalry action)
Today is not a good day to get Howard's attention. You see today is the day when the bragging rights for the best football team in the state of FL happens. Howard is getting cranked up to watch his beloved Gators ripe the heart out of the Seminoles. Of coures there are a few other people on this list getting ready to watch the Seminoles skin and barbecue a Gator.

So this is pretty much a holiday in FL. FL is closed for anything but college football today:-).


Ah, but everything turned out as it should.  In fact my Gators won so easily it kind of reminded me of the war in Afghanistan.  Those poor Seminoles never had a chance, just like the Taliban and Bin Laden.

Beth, I did call the recruiter again.  He told me not to expect to go anywhere.  Evidently, the war is going "as planned" and we'll be entering the "mop up" phase very soon now.  I did tell him about my recently acquired endurance horse knowledge, but he told me Jim Holland and Susan Garlinghouse are way up there on top of the list for folks to be called up.  I'm somewhere near the bottom, kind of like where I come in when I get to complete a 50.  

I did see the photo of our Special Forces riding a couple of horses with the Northern Alliance.  I'm wondering where on earth do they get the feed for those poor creatures?  I haven't seen a blade of grass yet, from any photos taken in that barren country.  Maybe, that's where our peanut butter is going to when we drop off the food shipments. 

Who says you can't win a war from the air?  Looks like my Air Force and those Navy pilots sure did think otherwise.  Throw in those Northern Alliance guys (yea, I kind of wonder about that relationship too) and I don't think we've lost hardly one American in this whole action.  Quite amazing, don't you think?  Just like my Gators. 

Revenge is a good thing.  My biggest hope is for us to clean house in Afghanistan before Christmas and the Gators to top off this crazy year by taking revenge on Nebraska (do ya'll remember that game from a few years back?) to get back that National title.  And I am grateful that I live in a country where dreams like mine actually have a chance of coming true.


Go Gators, next stop: Tennessee (that game was actually supposed to be played the week-end after 9/11).


Howard (support our troops with every breath you take)

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