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Nomination Statements for Regional Director On-line

The nomination statements for the regional AERC directors are on-line at

with a few photos(one yet to come).

There are no elections in the CT, SE, MT, PS due to only 2 nominations for 
2 positions.

A few comments on the nomination statements:

Earle Baxter is a model of brevity with only 3 lines - something I appreciate
as an engineer.

There are number of new nominees which shows there is interest in the organization
and a desire to improve it from the membership.

Even if your region isn't voting - you can use this page to review the issues
facing the AERC and give your views to your elected directors.

Jerry Furth has taken the time and effort to really push the trails 
preservation issue for the AERC - a very important one for us all now
and in the future.

We will not have the benefit of Maggy Prices experience and knowledge due
to her recent illness.  I wish her the best for her recovery.

Patti Pizzo has international competitive experience to bring to the BOD 
along with that already there in Steph Teeter.

Bob Morris has a wealth of knowledge about our sport, AERC history,
and Robert's Rules of Order.

The above is not an endorsement so much as comments I thought of while 
putting the page together.  There are many excellent candidates in the list -
something our organization is fortunate to have.

You should make every effort to vote and make your views known to your
directors.  Our board meeting last weekend benefited from the feedback
from members on and off line.

Mike Maul

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