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Re: Heidi - Gooseneck hitch questions

Heidi, I've had several fold-down hitches installed over the years in
Redmond, Oregon, at a place called Larkin Welding.  My husband bought one in
Bend for our current truck and installed it himself.  I've seen them from
many places, in several states.  I'd suggest going to anyplace that does
trailer work and welding.  They're pretty common, and from what I can see of
them, the various brands are pretty similar.


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Sent: Monday, November 05, 2001 7:14 PM
Subject: RC: Heidi - Gooseneck hitch questions

> From: "heidi sowards" <>
> > Hello, I really want a gooseneck but want to utilize as
> > much space in the bed of the truck as possible, especially
> > when not towing the trailer. Are there some options so this
> > could be done more easily, or certain types of hitches that
> > fold down or dissemble, or ???????????????
> >
> > thanks a bunch,
> Hi Heidi,
> I have the B & W Turnover Ball Gooseneck Hitch.  My Featherlite dealer
> installed it when I bought my new trailer.  B&W is located in Humbolt,
> Kansas.  If you can't find their number, contact me and I'll get it
> for you.  I don't have any more info on them right now.  Or, you can
> check with your local horse trailer/RV dealerships and see if they
> carry them.
> This is the same type of hitch that Jim Holland is talking about.  It
> installs under the bed of the truck onto the frame.  Only the ball
> sticks up and the two safety chain brackets.  The brackets are spring
> loaded and lay flush with the bed when not in use.  The ball turns
> upside down and fits into the bed if you want a nice flat bed surface
> for hauling other stuff.
> I have had this one for a year now, and I really like it.  Hope this
> helps.
> Linda Hedgpeth
> Janesville, CA
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