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Truck tent/camp cleanup

Hi Cheryl; I have a truck tent that I used to use all the time before my husband got our camper. I liked it because you could get up off the ground, and didn't have to worry about getting run over by loose horses in the middle of the night if you were on the ground in a tent.(not to mention wandering wild pigs and such)  It was quite roomy and a little warmer than just sleeping in the back of the truck. The only thing is ...if you have a bed protector with ribs, you need to put a sheet of plywood in your truck before you go on the trip, or you will really hurt your knees and back trying to move around or lay down in there. The plywood makes it flat, and then you can put your sleeping pads on top of that wood. I really liked it and it was quick and easy. This weekend, I didn't want to go through the hassle of putting the camper on the truck, so I just took my husband's explorer to the ride, and slept in the back in a sleeping bag on an old eggcrate and a quilt. I was lazy and it was easy, and I didn't care. They have showers at that campground though.   Did I ever tell you guys (Hey Howard) the benefits of baby wipes or "Comfort baths".   Those you can get at Wal mart, they're designed for the bedridden...but work great for cleaning up at a campout.   We used to also set up a solar shower in the horse trailer,(swept the floor first)  There is a lot of room in there to take a real good shower. On cloudy days, you can heat the water on your propane cookstove, and pour it in the solar shower just to use the bag and nossle.      Beth Glover

>From: " Cheryl Ann"
>Subject: RC: Re: Tent Camping
>Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2001 14:24:38 -0500
>Anyone have a truck tent and if you do, what do you like/dislike about it?
>Cheryl in WNY
>P.s. I'm more of a car camper (when I go to Ohio for Equine Affaire).

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