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Re: Thoughts on Nat Champs & ROC

And people travel from all over the world to do Tevis, because it is a big
enough of a goal for them to put that much effort into it.


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Subject: RC: Thoughts on Nat Champs & ROC

> Perhaps it is time for all of us to accept that we can only get to the
> rides that our time, budgets and horse or horses allow us to. All the
> other rides at what ever level are only rides we dream of doing.
>   The rides we choose to do or not do are always of our own choice. If
> I lived on the east coast and wanted to do multiday rides then I would
> have made the trip to where ever they are held. I know people that have
> traveled from California to the Old Dominion because that is something
> they wanted to do.
> As endurance riders we all dream of goals that we would like to
> accomplish.
> I personally would like to be able say I have won a 100 mile ride and my
> horse got best condition. I'll probably never be able to say those words
> but I can dream on.
> Ron Sanches
> California
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