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Re: RC: Re: Re: double Dosing Worming

You can also get the pellets made for cattle.  Same stuff, same dosage.  I
just priced it at the local Tradctor Supply Co.  A 1# box does 1000lbs. at a
single dose, and the box is $6.49.  But if you buy a 10# bag, which is enough
to double dose a 1000lb. horse for 5 days, it was $36.95 or something like
that.  They didn't have the granules in the horse type but it's the same
stuff.  the cattle dosing guns are pretty cool too; used that method in the
Spring.  But these pellets are even cheaper and easier.  I'll be doing that
this Fall.  My gelding is easy to do with the tube; I don't even halter him,
just walk up to him in the field.  but if I can do it cheaper and easier I
may as well.

superpat wrote:

> It is so easy to just use the Panacur granules. I put them in the horses'
> morning mash and they slurp it up. Five days of this method is worth the
> small extra expense of the granules.
> Pat

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