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Re: RC: Re: Trouble/ Terrian


....and I'd LOVE to go. I prefer the hard rides and I've heard that the
Big Horn is a challenge. Played around on the web site a little some
time ago, just wishin'. Think there was a write-up sometime back...maybe
EN? It's out of MY reach for now, tho. 

How far is Shell from Cheyenne? Went to Cheyenne for the Rodeo for many
years. IBM was a sponsor.  Even rode in the parade one year on a float
called "Hell's Half Acre". <grin> The Cheyenne Rodeo runs on a fiber
network I helped most of the stuff donated. Have a very
good friend who lives there....used to know lots of other people, but
has been several years now. Also used to hang out with a guy in Denver
who has a place up near Fort Collins.....nice area out there.

So many great rides, I'm so old, and so poor... <grin> Wish I had a
"sponsor". <sigh>

Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic

Drin Becker wrote:
> " > You may not mention it, but she will have to deal with it....along
> with the rocks, mud, sand, rain, etc.  "
> That is too funny , Cindy you definetly need to invite Jim to the Big Horn
> ride to check out the turf there :-) Anyone who has ever done the Big Horn
> 100 or 50 for that matter knows exactly what I am talking about , its not
> exactly a golf course ride :-))
>                  Drin Becker
>                  Mtn. Region
> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

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