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Re: Cystic Ovaries (was panic attack)

Spay the mare.  Simple procedure.  Can be done standing via flank lap'  or vaginal approach. 
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Sent: Saturday, November 03, 2001 3:08 PM
Subject: RC: Panic attack

Hi everyone
I live in England and have been lurking on the list for the past 2 months. I feel i ought to let everyone share my experience of panic attacks with my mare.
She is a 16.3hh thoroughbred mare who has always been difficult to saddle and last year we eventually solved the problem by using an Ideal event saddle and an equitech numnah. She still has to be saddle carefully but provided we take our time doing it she is fine. she has always been a hormonal mare but it has never affected her performance and we have been able to keep it under control. She fractured her pelvis 4 years ago and turned into the monster from hell by rechanneling her to an endurance career (she is on the british intermediate team long list) we got her over this and even though she is no angel she never bolted even when in pain after fracturing her pelvis. Recently she became very unpredictable, nasty to humans and other horses and very territorial which was so out of character for her as even though she has always been a handful to ride she was angelic on the ground with 8 yr old kids regularly lunging her.  Everytime I saddled her she would just bolt of! f in a blind panic and be very sorry for what she did afterwards. She had also been in season for 8 weeks continuously so my vet did an internal examination on her. It turned out that she had cystic ovaries and couldn't be touched anywhere near the ovarian acupuncture trigger point which is very close to the saddle area. She is now on regumate and is back to being a happy horse, the physio couldn't believe the change in her when she came this week. We know she can't compete on regumate so we are looking for alternatives to this but we at least know what the problem is and can treat it accordingly.
If anyone has any suggestions for a regumate substitute I would be most grateful
Bye for now

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