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Re: RC: Sidebones....

Hi Katey,
    I have 2 friends whose horses have sidebone.  One was a rapidly
progressing kind and he actually decided to put the horse down because she
wasn't cut out to be a pasture ornament.  The other friend's horse has a
much milder form and our farrier and her vet think it can be controlled with
excellent shoeing.  She only plans to do occasional endurance rides, mostly
dressage.  I'd consult with the best vet you can find and also with a
journeyman level, therapeutic farrier.
Cheers, Laney wrote:

> Katey
> Has anyone had any experience with side bones?  Is a horse that has them
> finished for endurance?  Any experience, info, insight offered would be
> appreciated as always.  Thanks in advance!!
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