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RE: RC: RE: $20 Fee for National Championship Ride

Title: RE: RC: RE: $20 Fee for National Championship Ride

I wasn’t an AERC member when they first start talking about the NC.  All I know is that I was incredibly surprised that I qualified to compete in it with only 200 miles.  I suppose if I really felt that the Championship was really a Championship, I would give a lot more support to the concept.

I’ve argued this on another list untjl I was blue in the face, and I really don’t want to get into it further than I’ve already dug a whole into, but that’s where I stand on the NC.  I’m glad everyone had a good time at the ride, but I have fun at every ride whether it’s the NC or not.  To me, it’s just another ride that I didn’t go to.  I was definitely more excited about Pan Am and Tevis results this year.  Like someone just told me who competed at the NC, whoever didn’t have a rock or a root with their horse’s name on it wins.  And you have even a greater chance of winning if you are a heavyweight or middleweight. (But don’t get me wrong – it’s not competing in the weight classes that really bugs me.)

I hope that the NC will continue, but in a format that excites everyone, not just a few very vocal, local folks.


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