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Re: Re: Hydrogen Peroxide

> This question did not have anything to do with an abcessed foot Susan ,

Sorry.  Musta had a brain fart. <g>

> believe that
> my friend was using this to cure cronic sore muscles on her horse . I have
> never heard
> of anyone doing this and was curious if it was something new I had not
> of .

Sounds like a seriously bad idea to me.  At the vet teaching hospital, DMSO
only goes IV highly diluted in saline or normosol, hydrogen peroxide is
extremely cytotoxic and could cause some really nasty cellulitis, and
dextrose in sufficient quantities is one of the ways
horse-insurance-killers-for-hire induce acute laminitis in over-insured
horses.  Of course, quantity is everything, but boy, you sure wouldn't catch
me putting those things into a vein lightly.  Not into a horse I liked (or
even one I didn't like).

> said that she had this done a total of 3 times and the first time after
> having the treatment
> there was a bloody yucky discharge out of his nose and after each
> the
> discharge was less and less .

There was undoubtedly something else going on systemically, like a viral
infection, and the immune system took care of it in due course.  None of
those things you mentioned would do a darn thing for a snotty nose.

 It just seems like such a hocus pocus cure
> that I had to
> see if anyone else had heard of it

Sounds really hocus pocus to me too, Drin, and not nearly as innocuous as
most you hear about.  This one is seriously scary.

Susan G

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