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Gaited's in endurance

  Our family has been using Kentucky Mountain Horses in endurance for the 
last few years. They are great! This year my daughter's KMSH, Raven, 
completed both the Tevis & the Virginia City 100! They have a calmness that 
is so refreshing in an endurance ride! They eat, drink, go into a vet check 
pulsed down. They were bred to go all day comfortably & do. They are like 
the Energizer Bunny, they keep going & going & going!
  The one challenge has been the occasional vet that wasn't used to seeing 
the gait. Gaging what was normal & what was off was sometimes a gray area 
for them. I've heard that east coast vets are more used to seeing gaited 
horses & take it in stride. Most vets here do great, too.
  So enjoy your TWH & enjoy endurance with him!

Susan Walz
Marsan Kennel - End Results Grooming
2040 West 18th Ave
Eugene, Oregon 97402-3631

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Mike Shea <> 	 
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RC: TWH in Endurance 	 
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Thu, 18 Oct 2001 09:04:19 -0700 (PDT) 	 


I'm located in NC, and last winter had the pleasure of
riding a Walking Horse for a day at some field trials.
We probably only went for about 10 miles alltogether,
but it was a blast.

I'm interested to know if any endurance riders use TWH
or other gaited horses in endurance events.

If so, what should I be looking for in a TWH endurance

Also looking for suggestions on upcoming events to
attend in the Southeast as a spectator.




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