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Re: Looking for Vets Opinions (long)

Hi: If I were you, I would soak the foot in Bedadine cut with water until it
is the color or tea. I would also use a easy boot on that foot to keep as
clean as possible. I have poured this solution into the easy boot for three
days and then proceeded to soak the foot in a solution of Epsom Salts 6 lbs.
per 5 gal. bucket of warm water twice a day for 4 days. You may find out
that you shall have to open up the frog to allow draining if the horse
continues to have pain/lameness.
I have had three horses with this type of injury. The nails completely
penetrated the sole and existed at different locations, bulbs and coronet
band. They all are/were fine. use your nose to check for any rotten smell
and use you fingers to test for pressure.
hope this helps. "I am not a vet"
Steven Proe
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> I'm in need of some advice and opinions of the different vets on the
> On Tuesday, August 21st my 10 yr. old mare underwent a Street Nail
Procedure to have a 16-penny framing nail removed from the bottom of her
hoof.  The nail went in at about the middle of the frog, both height and
width.  It was at least 2" deep according to the X-rays, which we took
before the nail was extracted (of course).  The nail did penetrate the
bursa, but the bone itself look "very good" according to the vet that
performed the operation.  She (my horse) was in the hospital for a week on
IV antibiotics, received 10 days of SMZs when she got home, and I have been
changing the dressing daily on the wound.  She has a "full-plate" or
medicine plate shoe on right now.  The frog has just about healed itself
back to normal, back to the level of the sole and starting to "bud-up" again
like normal.  It is still "open" looking (fleshy) and still draining about a
teaspoon or so a day.
> My question is how long should I expect until she will be normal again?  I
understand that the chances of full recovery without lameness are pretty
slim, but was wondering when I can tell if she beat the odds?  She is hardly
limping at a walk now, although she still bobs her head quite a bit at the
trot and doesn't put full weight on that leg anymore, even when standing.
Should I start trotting her more to improve her flexion and weight-bearing?
All of this is being done by hand, I'm NOT riding her yet.  I've been doing
stretches with her daily as well... any other recommendations to promote
healing?  I don't want to push her too hard and want the flexor tendon
(which had a hole cut in it during surgery) to heal properly.  How long
should I wait before I start asking her to do more strenuous exercise?
> I'll leave off here so this post doesn't get too long... please email me
for any additional information.
> Thank you in advance for your information.
> Crysta & Sugar
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