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Coe ride

In response to:

might be why there weren't as many entries as
they want (as it seemed since the ride had been advertised not once but
twice on Ridecamp).  Just felt the need to point that out!

Actually the reason for posting twice is that it's a new ride - there has not been 
an endurance ride at Coe Park for a long time.  NATRC has put on a number
of rides there in the past.

Some riders had worried about how difficult the ride would be.  Coe has some 
really steep spots and if those had been used - the ride would have been described
as "very difficult"

We just wanted to reassure riders that this had been considered and the ride
would be OK.

Oct is a crowded month for endurance rides in the Bay area. We have 3 in a row
that are all close to San Francisco and San Jose.


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