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Exciss Trailers

Laura T
I bought a new Exciss trailer in 2000.  It was a 2000 model.   It was a
model 308, goose.  Which was a 3H with a 8 foot dressing room.
Got pictures of it still that I used to sell it here on endurance net.
Yup sold it here!!

I sold the trailer after having it less than a year, and bought a Sooner.

The trailer was NOT quality made.  I hated the trailer.  It jigged badly
when pulled, with or with out a horse.  And yes,
it was straight and aligned properly.   I instantly had horse hauling
problems with this trailer.  With 1 or 2  rides in
the Sooner, my loading hauling problems went away.  I had  perfectly
loading hauling horses and got the Exciss
and then they were not.  And that goes even for my very seasoned horse
that has been hauled everywhere.  When
I was hauling it to it's new owner, I figured it out that it really jigged

I personally wish I had bought anything, instead of the Exciss.

The Sooner I have is of such excellent quality.  If I choose to sell it,
it will be easy to sell.  This is a
real quality trailer.  It pulls like an absolute dream.  It is quiet and
is really set up well.  Horses ride very
well in it too.  Maybe you should check out one out.

Email me for more descriptive details if you want to  know how I (horses
also)  DISLIKED the Exciss.

A Featherlite has a better resale value than an Exciss.  Featherlite has
been in the business of
trailers of all kinds for a VERY long time.

JMO on my Exciss.
Laura T

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