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Re: Re: RideCamp Sainthood

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From: Steph Teeter
Sent: Monday, October 15, 2001 10:04 PM
Subject: RC: Re: RideCamp Sainthood

I actually think this is a great idea - and well deserved. These 4 are
perfect candidates. Anybody else have a nominee?? I don't think the techie's
(John or Mike Maul or me) qualify for sainthood. Maybe some sort of title
though... king, queen... or knighthood?

This definitely deserves a special Ridecamp webpage though. Photos, quotes,


OK, I got a few.

 Steph is Queen of Ridecamp.  I'd call her King, but ya'll would call me sexist if I did such a thing.  So, John is King, by default.

Best dressed endurance rider:  Truman Prevatt, hands down.  Just look at his pic at Nationals and I don't think any of you would argue with me on that one.  I'd give anything to see that picture of him on the cover of the next issue of Endurance News.

Horse Whisperer:  Jim Holland.  NO doubt about that one unless anyone of ya'll can get your horse to hit the ground on command like this guy can.

Saint of Junior Riders:  Saint Sandy Thompson.  She's not on Ridecamp, but she has put more juniors thru a ride than anyone I know.  Plus she had the first junior win, not win for juniors, but win a ride at GERA this August.  And he got BC; I still haven't figured that one out since I think he weighed in at about 80 lbs. The special thing about Sandy is she could have entered Nationals herself, I know she qualified, but she elected to sponsor those juniors.  She didn't even get credit for finishing those grueling 50 miles at that run.

I'll put myself in as Court Jester.  I don't think anyone else wants that title, and if they do feel free to take it from me, please.



Howard  (I've written to W and asked him to let me go to Afghanistan with a hydrogen bomb strapped around my waist.  I've had enough of this crap)

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