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Re: RC: Timing Clocks

Hello Linda,
     Clocks were from RADIO SHACK  - radio linked to US time  WWV ..
     all very accurate.. provided by Henry Mulburg ?? form the the OD
     100 club

     Not too costly - would be a great asset for many rides ... no
Thursday, October 11, 2001, 11:29:37 AM, you wrote:

LBM> This is a question mostly for ride managers...

LBM> I've been mulling an idea for a new kind of competition that would help the
LBM> mostly recreational trail riders that attend my events improve their
LBM> skill at judging pace and distance.

LBM> To pull this off, though, we'd need about five or six *synchronized* accurate clocks.

LBM> I noticed that, at PAC, there were these big white clocks that were the official
LBM> timers.  Big 10" digital white plastic things that were scattered all over the
LBM> place:  at the in/out timer's, when the horse entered the pulse-taking area,
LBM> etc.

LBM> Where does one get these clocks?  Were do you get your timing clocks,
LBM> whatever you use?  Are these clocks something special--guaranteed to be
LBM> more accurate (and thus synchronized) than your typical K-Mart kitchen clock?
LBM> Or is K-Mart quality considered good-enough?  How much do the clocks
LBM> cost, if they are something special?

LBM> Thanks

LBM> Linda B. Merims
LBM> Massachusetts, USA


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