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RE: Thank you

As an AERC and DBDR member, I want to say thank *YOU*, Diane Fruth. Without
the hours and hours of tireless effort you put in, before and during this
championship as chairman of this event, it could not have happened!

Susan Swope-Attardi, secretary
Daniel Boone Distance Riders
Host of the 2001 American Endurance Ride Conference National Championships

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Sent: Sunday, October 14, 2001 7:43 PM
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Subject: RC: Thank you

Hi Everyone,
I would like to thank everyone who made the National Championship
a success.
Thank you to:
Rudy at Rudy's Ranch
Mike and Connie Caudill
Amy Whelan and Family
Robby Doll for the computer work, he did a lot of work.
Lynne Glazer from reactorpanel saddle co. for the web photos
Lisa also from reactorpanel saddle co., helping me with the leader
Our photographers, Becky & Ken Siler,
To all the sponsors
Thank you, Roger for the pulse handheld monitors and all your help.
All of our club members the Daniel Boone Distance Riders.
To our Ham radio operators(Steve and Co.)
The Dusty Trails Saddle Club for pulling down the ribbons after the
Thank you Tommy Crain and Melissa for the great song.
Our wonderful band with Jim Holland,John Crance,Amy Whelan, Tom Crain
and John's friend.We had a great singer from Texas who did a song
written just for the National Championship.Anyone know who he was??
To our wonderful vets, Dane and Matt Frazier, Rae, Wesley, Duane,Ann,
and Barney.
To our press from the local paper in Owingsville, KY.
To Genie Stewart-Spears to cover the story for Endurance News.

All the vendors, we had 17 vendors!!!
Thank you Nancy and Monte Mitts,Roger Rittenhouse, Trail Pleasure and
Tack, Animal Tack, Running Bear,Equessentials, Producer Feeds and
Lucerne Farms.Reactorpanel Saddle co.,Advanced Equine-Zilco Tack and
the list goes on.
To all the vendors who donated products for the raffle.

If I missed anyone I apologize.
We will see you next year!!
Diane Fruth
AERC National Championship Chairman

On Sun, 14 Oct 2001, wrote...

>Angie McGhee
>Hey guys,
>Just in from NC. WHAT A GREAT EVENT!!!  I want a shower before I
write my
>novel but wanted to congratulate RUDY THE MULE for winning BC in the
>You know, if you spell it with lower case letters... Rudy, turn
the "d"
>backwards and you get Ruby...coincidence??
>I ended up sponsoring 3 incredible juniors. Plenty to write about.
If you
>look at the photo page that's Kaboot's butt with the American
Flag. :-)
>Everyone's assured me that I don't "really" ride that crooked. :-/
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Ridecamp is a service of Endurance Net,
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