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Spanish Mustangs

A friend of ours has had some really bad luck the last couple of years. 
He and his brother breed and sell pure (papered) Spanish Mustanges (like
the one that did so well on the XP this summer).  Southern Alberta has
had a bad drought the last couple of years and hay and water are
becoming impossible to find.  Many, many horses and cattle are going to
feed lots because people have no way to feed (or even water) them.  Ed
has been very ill and not let his friends know that he has been unable
to look after the horses.  Some he has already had to send to the feed
lot.  Others will soon have to go.  I felt sick when I heard he'd sent a
5 year old blue roan gelding that would have been a fantastic endurance

Being too sick to train them, he felt that the older ones would be the
hardest to sell.  I tried to tell him that a lot of people would love to
get 4 or 5 year olds that haven't been ridden (he had actually ridden
some of these a couple of times!)rather than have to feed the yearlings
and 2 year olds.  Hopefully, he won't have to send any more but I know
it is very difficult for him and he has no money.

If anyone would like to save a mustang and get a great little horse for
next to nothing, I know he'd rather they went to good homes so would
happily sell them for what he can get at the feed lot (believe me, he
doesn't want to sell them to the feed lot, but has absolutely no
money).  There are some really super horses at his place.  

His name is Ed Burles and his number is (403) 832-2555.

Lazy ED Bar Canabians (Canadien Arabian Crosses)

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