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Re: rub spots w/OF

No one to call. They are defunct....gone bye bye...adios....along with a lot of people's hard earned cash. I know a good saddle maker here in the Pacific NW who has shortened panels for people and they are quite pleased with them. He also makes replacement booties. I suspect that if you look around you will find a saddle maker who can do the same.
Good luck!
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From: odd farm
Sent: Saturday, October 13, 2001 2:44 PM
Subject: RC: rub spots w/OF

I don't know if your saddle is new or used but when I purchased my OF saddle new 8 or so years ago, the panels were 24-25 inches long. It was rubbing my horses loins even though the saddle really fit. I complained to OF and told them that for the shorter backed horses or slightly swaybacked horses this would be a problem. I sent it back and insisted they shorten the panels. They put new panels on that were 22 inches long and WALLA! No more rubbing.
When I purchased my western saddle new and my daughters Amigo new, the panels were already 22 inches long so I must not have been the only one complaining. (although it wouldn't be a first ;)  The two I bought used still have longer panels but I can use them on the Morgan and Arab/Andalusian who have slightly longer backs. I would measure the panels, front to back and if they are longer than 22 inches, call the company to see about getting them shortened. I love my OF saddles. Good luck. Lisa Salas, The Odd fARm

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