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Re: Rubspots from my Orthoflex saddle

I have had and enjoyed a cutback orthflex saddle for more than 10 years,
thousands of miles, and multiple horses, in a variety of shapes and sizes...
Now I am finding my newest 8 year old 15 h, stocky arab is NOT comfortable
in my  OF!  He displays tenderness over his kidney area after a ride!  I am
using my Big Horn Synthetic until I figure this 16h narrow, long
arab does fine
in the O F......
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Subject: RC: Rubspots from my Orthoflex saddle

> Karen Gardella-Betzer
> I am new to the sport of endurance riding, and am facing a few dilemmas
> that I'm sure all you old-timers have faced at one time or another.  I
> have a longer-backed, narrow-chested Arab mare that I am having
> difficulties finding a correctly fitting saddle for.  I started with a Big
> Horn Endurance saddle as my first endurance saddle with her, but I was
> told that the tree impeded her shoulder movement.  I used this saddle
> anyways on my 1st two 30-mile rides and after completing the rides the vet
> did not notice any shoulder soreness, but did note some soreness in front
> of her hip, in the loin area.  I have neglected to mention, that she is a
> very high-headed horse, causing her to be hollow-backed, and that her
> favorite gait is the jig.  (I am taking dressage lessons on her, to get
> her to travel in a better frame.)  I next purchased a Endurance Cutback
> Orthoflex saddle and thought that I had found the answer.  After
> attempting my first 50-mile ride, and getting pulled for over-time at
> 38-miles, the vet again noted some soreness over her loin area with the OF
> saddle.  My next ride was the Comstock 50, which I actually completed this
> time.  However, after the ride I noticed some white hairs just behind her
> shoulders and mid-way on her barrel behind her elbows.  These spots were
> on both sides, and after checking how the saddle sat on her, I believe
> that the white hairs behind her shoulders are being caused by where the
> panels are joined to the tree and are connected by a type of a
> ball&socket.  On my OF saddle the girth is sewn in to the leg flaps, not
> to the tree as on regular saddle, and I am guessing that this may be
> rubbing her on her barrel, also.
> My question is, is how serious are the white hairs?, do I get rid of the
> saddle?, or is it possible to pad the saddle with something like the Skito
> Equalizer pad?  I have never had this problem before, it seemed like the
> white hairs popped up in just a few hours, maybe it was the extra 20 miles
> of rubbing.  At this point, I am going back to using my Big Horn saddle,
> but I don't know if this is necessary, as I have had a few people suggest
> trying a Skito pad.  I'd like some feedback on any success with Skito pads
> also.
> If anyone has any suggestions or opinions, please e-mail me at
> .
> Much thanks!
>  - Karen
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