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Re: RC: IAHA is caving in!

The AHRA has already accepted horses of impure blood. You have all the 
French, Polish, and Russian decended horses with European cavalry mount 
blood. Perhaps it would be simpler to have one world organization with 2 
distinctions - AK and non-AK.
As it stands alot of people are confused by the term "purebred" because its 
misleading, under current AHRA guidelines it mearly means "register 

Lisa LeChatton
Garland, Tx

----Original Message Follows----
Subject: RC:  IAHA is caving in!
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 10:58:46 EDT


I received a second letter pertaining to the one below as a long time member
of IAHA and for those of you who are NOT a party of IAHA but DO have 
Arabians, your very freedom to breed PBs without concern for purity is being
challenged. This was news to me, since it never occurred to me that a
half-bred association which concerns itself with activities and not
registration would ever be so presumptuous as to claim the position to
dictate PURITY of all things. Please look at just a portion of the 

The following letter was sent to the IAHA Board of Directors on Thursday,
October 4.
October 4, 2001 Board of Directors Ladies and Gentlemen: As we discussed at
our August Board meeting, IAHA and AHRA have spent more than a decade 
about collaborative efforts that would bring about significant cost savings
or improved member service to the Arabian horse industry. In the last three
years, the Executive Committee has devoted a considerable amount of time,
energy and more than $60,000 in on-going meetings and dialogues with members
of the Registry Executive Board. The efforts of the Executive Committee came
to a head last Friday during what we considered a last ditch attempt to 
into a meaningful discussion regarding the merger of functions between the
two organizations.
  It was IAHA's proposal that we assume the data processing function for the
Registry as a first step towards combined operations. We believe this
proposal makes sense for the following two reasons. One, IAHA has made
technological advancements that provide us with the capability, and, two,
IAHA would have minimal programming to assume the data processing function
compared to the enormous task facing the Registry if they had to program
IAHA's operational functions.......
It became apparent after Friday that both organizations agree that something
must be done to revive the Arabian horse industry; however, neither can 
on how it should be done. Registry and IAHA perspectives, unfortunately, are
light years apart.
The Registry has set their course on the strategic plan that was presented 
August, 2001, even though they admittedly lack the funds to effectively
implement most of the plan. Additionally, they are moving forward with two
incentive programs that duplicate programs already offered by IAHA - a
frequent rider program (IAHA Recreational Rider) and a distance mileage
program (IAHA Distance Horse Awards). Last week, the Registry issued a press
release naming members to their new advisory committees, none of which have
direct, ongoing contact with IAHA boards, commission or committees.
However, another recent fact has come to light, which further cements for me
why we need to forge a new path. I have direct information from Jay Stream,
through a South American Arabian horse owner, that the Registry has put
together a document signed by Bart Brown called the Alliance of the 
This Alliance essentially reverses the Registry's position concerning horses
previously deemed impure by the Registry. It indicates that the Registry 
now accept these horses and their descendants unconditionally. The Registry
has made no formal overture to WAHO and appears to be initiating a plan to 
head to head with WAHO as the worldwide Arabian horse organization.
In the opinion of the Executive Committee, their overall behavior is
self-serving. Their words and actions are inconsistent with good faith
efforts to develop one functioning organization to benefit Arabian horse
owners and IAHA members.
IAHA's position is simple and straightforward. We must model what other more
successful breeds do by being less complex, expensive and confusing. The 
of maintaining two organizations falls on all of us. IAHA is dead-on with
simplification, computerization and the potential to eliminate many show 
at the local level, and we will continue to do more. We must become the kind
of organization that people want (not have) to belong to.
We all know what needs to be done. It is time to stop the talk and take
control of our destiny for the positive future of IAHA and the Arabian horse
community. We have already wasted too much time trying to come to agreement
with the Registry. Our corporate cultures are vastly different, and it has
become painfully evident that we philosophically cannot work together for 
good of the Arabian breed.......
....... It is time to take action for the good of our membership and our
beloved Arabian horses.
Sincerely, Bill Pennington
IAHA President

For the information of those who are not up to date on this issue, WAHo has
kicked AHRA out of their organization simply because AHRA has refused to
accept the registrations of  (particularly) south Amercian-bred part-bred
Arabians, with KNOWN IMPURE BLOOD, into AHRA, which of course limits the
owners' and breeders' ability to import and export these horses, thus NOT
MAKING $$$! Anyone who is part of the IAHA distance programs will be 
by this, purebred or partbred. It would be my hope that this organization
recognizes the difference between PB and nonPB - especially when one owns
mares and stallions - duh!:)

While this seems to be happening at breakneck speed, I would like to know 
many people even KNOW that the AHRA is on the fast track to take PUREBRED 
of the registry. Comments?

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