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Dixie Midnight no-sweat vent pad & Aussie enduro pad


I am looking for feedback, commentaries, opinions, ideas
etc. from anyone is has used/is using the Dixie Midnight
pad or the new Aussie enduro pad or both (even better!).
I emailed the person who sells the Dixie Midnight pad a
while back (very nice person) and it sounds like a very good idea, but I
still shopping around and would like some input from Ridecamp.
I have all winter to look around since I am not getting a new horse until
spring/early summer (being horse-less sucks!), so if
you are using this pad let me know what you think. Also, if you
are using the new Aussie Enduro pad that is of real fleece, also send me
your input. Why did you choose real fleece over synthetic
fleece? My synthetic fleece quilted pad has been good to me and
the horse I had, but once it gets wet it does get pretty clammy and take
long to dry. How does real fleece compare?
O.k., start emailing...

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