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Re: The Way We Win

Just a moment's perusing made me think that this is not a bad idea at all. My first reaction/thought was that in the end, the "do-or-die" riders as well as the impossibly dangerous and rude perhaps need to be more susceptible to sanction than they are already. It is silly to me that someone who has a history of riding dangerously can still continue to ride until they are at some point sanctioned. That needs to change. In addition, those who would push the very capability of a horse to the brink, not just accidentally but routinely, should also for humane reasons be excluded. In the end, support for the vets who support our rides and for the rank and file of riders who DO care about both the horses and other riders must without doubt be of obvious import to all who would see our sport as abusive, because, thanks to a few, it IS! Our membership - and i don't mean dues-paying folk, I mean all who partake - must take responsibility for the thugs by excluding them, not 6 months or two years later but ASAP. Only then will people who sell nice horses not try valiantly to think of excuses NOT to sell a  horse to those "endurance people".

I know I can think of 4 people right NOW who I would NEVER sell a horse to, buy one from, nor would I EVER let them put a hand on any animal of mine. I am sure many of you can as well. Think about it - before we lose what respect we have managed to gain to this point.

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