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Rats in the beet pulp!

To Karen Sullivan:  YUCK!  That is horrible!  I thought slivers of wood
was bad.

Here is what I hope is the end of the beet pulp saga:

I got good and mad and decided I'd take that beet pulp in to show them
that I knew what I was talking about.  So I loaded it up and off I
went.  I let them filter through it and sure enough, it was chock full
of wood splinters.  The manager said something to the effect that there
was a lot of beet stalk in there perhaps that was what I was seeing.
Well, yes, that is true....there was a lot of beet stalk in there but
check this out.....wood splinters!  And I did want beet PULP not beet
STALK!  He conceded that it was wood as well, you just don't find beet
stalk with white paint and lettering on it straight from the field
everyday do you?!  Then proceeds to tell me that he cannot possibly have
any 'quality control' over what is sent to him.  And I proceded to tell
him that I have  two  $10,000 performance horses (notice I greatly
enhanced my horses value at that point!) and could NOT possibly do
business with someone with no quality control or at least a chance to
get a refund, even when I did not have my receipt.  (I guess he just
then remembered he was the one that rang up the round pen purchase and
perhaps it wouldn't kill him to refund me the $11)  I got my money back.

I also left him with a piece of paper that said, "The Calf Manna
Company, Beet Pellets, Manna Pro"  Words I read off the sack of GOOD
stuff. He is going to 'check' into getting that brand for me.

So, can't do much better than that!  I guess ya'll will miss out on a
chance to see how well beet STALK and wood slivers burn in the John
Wayne Firepit.  Surely there is a research paper in that for Susan.


    Check it Out!    

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