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Foot Question

Hello folks,
 Those who read my post about the clinic ride might remember I mentioned
my mare had two rub spots on her right foot. Well the farrier was out and
told me she hits the ground with her back feet in the same spot as her
front feet, so over reaching may be a problem when she gets tired. 
 Well we went for a long hard training ride today. Over reaching IS a
problem. She got a natural trim just Tuesday. I would like to hear any
recommendations for: Trimming, shoeing (cruel I know, but probably
necessary with all the tree roots around here tearing her feet up) or
should I go with just a pair of bell boots up front?
 I called the ride management to ask, and found that bell boots are
allowed for Endurance in AERC, but not for CTR. Is that true for SEDRA
rules as well? Except for this little problem, she is wonderful! We had
LOTS of fun today! I look forward to competing. Thanks for all the help
in advance!

In His Hands,
Lisa P.
Riding: the art of keeping a horse between yourself and the ground.

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