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Re: RC: Spooking/spinning for fun

I found that with my mare Solstice that she was deathly afraid of the garbage truck lifting dumpsters way in the air...her heartrate could go from 40 to 150 in an instant.  Wish I had known that before I got kicked that time...   Solstice also used to always spin in a counter clockwise direction for fun.  Did anyone ever notice one sided spinning in a horse. This mare never ever spun to the right. Only to the left.  If she saw something that she wanted to spook at...say the same light pole that she had passed 1000 times, I found that a judiciously applied spur on her left side, just as her head and neck were getting that giraffe-arched appearance, usually ended the whole scenario.   Now I notice my new red chestnut horse has tiny tippy ears and when he gets to looking at something they seem to point together like...The ears of the DEVIL!!  already I have found that giving him a little leg and a strong word, can interrupt his fun.  Beth

>From: Kristi Schaaf
>Subject: RC: Spooking/spinning for fun
>Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2001 10:48:00 -0700 (PDT)
> > The trick is to differentiate real fear from
> > boredom-induced drama. It would be wrong to punish
> > them if they are afraid. If this was easy to
> > determine then there would be no need for pricey
> > horse-training seminars and videos.
>The way I figured out whether to punish or comfort my
>horse when he spooks is to look at a heart rate
>monitor! When he's scared of something, his heart rate
>spikes as he spooks. If he's just "messing with me",
>his heartrate stays steady.
>Kristi and Dez (dang she's figured me out)
>He's not just a horse,
>he's a little bit of
>heaven on earth.
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