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Weiser River Rail Trail

Things are taking shape.  The leaves are just starting to turn along the
river, should be bright by next week.  We saw numbers of Great Blue Herons
last week, plus some deer.  Eagles often fish along the river.

I think riders will enjoy the newly developed trail north this year,
including the long curving bridge over the Weiser River.   Because of more
trail work the LD will again be 30 miles instead of 25.  There will be 15.9
miles on the North loop, with a vet check with hold,  easy for crews to
reach,  return to camp, with a hold,  and then the 50 milers will do the
South loop to Midvale,  8.9 miles, also with a hold.   The trail riders will
use the South loop. and may go all the way to Midvale and back, or they may
turn around anytime they wish on that loop.
Some form of hoof protection is required for the 30s and 50s,  the trail
riders may use their own judgement.

There are two "hills" on this trail, which we have marked for you, in case
you don't notice them.  { ;))

We are looking forward to seeing many of the NW riders next week,  and don't
forget the pot luck on Sat, we have some wonderful cooks!

    Check it Out!    

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