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Re: Spooking - Spook and Spin

What makes folks think that 'spook and spin' is specific to Arabs?

I have a QH (narrow TB-y type) who can do it so fast that, if I've had no
warning, I'm likely to be on my way to the ground before I know what's
happening.  Our latest biggie was when a car suddenly emerged out of a
driveway surrounded by corn fields.  And this was on our way home!  I
managed to stay on and right myself, but I was hanging off the side of him
for a moment.  Full-leg leather patches help a lot.


> Personally, I'm very entertained by the once-in-a-while spook (I have a
> tendency to collapse in giggles). I think it's a rather endearing quality
> Arabs, especially young ones. Of course, maybe I react this way now that I
> come off less often (knocking furiously on wood) and because I accept that
> the occasional dirt dive goes with the territory. And I just love riding
> friends "oldsters" (18+ years) on a crisp autumn day or after the winter
> lay-off when they act like kids again.

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